Flora of South East Asia

In collaboration with Botanical Art Society (Singapore), Indonesian Society of Botanical Artists, Thai Botanical Artists & Philippine Botanical Art Society

We invite you to be a part of our regional juried exhibition to be held at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

We are accepting submissions for the juried exhibition on ArtCall website at fsea.artcall.org

Submit your entry and find more information about the important dates, jury teams, image guidelines and the terms and conditions by clicking on the button below.

Read the Call for Entries document & Additional Information below.

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CFE - Flora SEA 20 Oct 2021.pdf

Additional Information:

*Artwork mat and mount will now be provided by the exhibition

· you only need to provide your artwork - the matting and mounting will be done for you

Can the plant be one that is nationally extinct but reintroduced?

· yes, this is still considered native

Can the plant be a local hybrid for example, orchids?

· Artificial hybrids (even of two native parents), are NOT considered native. However, natural hybrids (of two native parents) would be considered native

Is mixed media allowed?

· yes, including Chinese ink

Is vellum allowed as a substrate?

· yes, but we have no experience in matting or showing on vellum in Singapore - not sure how it will react (although the Gallery is climate controlled)

Can we include plant habitat and/or related insects, or draw/paint the ecosystem?

· yes, as long as they are related to the plant

· For Thailand - preference is no insects because they would then need an Entomologist for an opinion when judging

How creative can we be for composition?

· Very! We are aiming for modern botanical art. As long as all features shown are true to the plant and accurate, the composition can be very creative

What is the maximum age of the artwork that has not been exhibited elsewhere? For example, can we submit a painting done in 2019?

· No age limit for Singapore & Indonesia - as long as the artwork has not been exhibited before in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand or Philippines, it can be entered

· For Thailand - all work must be freshly painted and done after Dec 2021