Flora of Southeast Asia

A regional juried exhibition co-organised by Botanical Art Society (Singapore) and the Singapore Botanic Gardens, in our first-ever collaboration with Indonesian Society of Botanical Artists, Thai Botanical Artists & Philippine Botanical Art Society

This exhibition showcases the native plant diversity of Southeast Asia with 80 original botanical artworks in the Botanical Art Gallery and 40 additional facsimiles in the People’s Gallery outdoor exhibit spaces of the gardens.

A wide variety of Southeast Asian native plants such as orchids, shrubs, trees, wetland species, epiphytes and fungi are depicted in watercolour, graphite, colour pencil, acrylic and ink.

The top 120 artworks by 85 artists were selected by a jury for the exhibition with artists coming from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, UK, USA, Japan, Denmark, UAE, and Canada.


80 Original Artworks at:

Botanical Art Gallery

Gallop Extension, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Open daily 9am - 6pm

(closed on last Thursday of the month)

40 Additional Artwork Prints at:

People's Gallery exhibit spaces of Singapore Botanic Gardens at Tanglin Gate, Nassim Gate,

Bukit Timah Gate and the Green Pavilion at Botany Centre

Open daily 5am - 12am

Dates: 15 November 2022 – 15 February 2023

Free Admission!

How to get to Botanical Art Gallery, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens event page about Flora of Southeast Asia

Exhibiting Artists

Aarati Govinda Rao, BASS

Aissa Domingo, PhilBAS

Akenat Kujaroenchaimanatee, THBA

Alexandria L. Prietama, IDSBA

Angelina Cheong, BASS

Anna Lu, BASS

Asuka Hishiki, BASS

Buasai Thongphaphumboworn, THBA

Chainarong Wirunphat, THBA

Chatrchanok Ung-aram, THBA

Chayanuch Hosajjakul, THBA

Cherie Lo, THBA

Cholthida Jettanathammachak, THBA

Chuwit Suddhibhul, THBA

Constance Zhao, BASS

David H H Toh, BASS

Deborah Montgomerie, BASS

Deinitisa Amarawi , IDSBA


Dianne Sutherland, BASS

Diva Meshia, IDSBA

Dr. Cecilia Manuel, PhilBAS

Faith Shamayim, IDSBA

Faradina Elmahda, IDSBA

Fern Chaninun Thongvanit, THBA

Gittel Palmario-Laput, PhilBAS

Grace Syiariel, IDSBA

Hazel Wilks, BASS

Henny Herawati, IDSBA

Hervina Dyah Aprilia, IDSBA

Icka Gavrilla, IDSBA

Irene Ng, IDSBA

Jarukan Khantheerajirot, THBA

Jasmin Caronan, PhilBAS

Jean Raynell Bello, PhilBAS

Jefera Faslim, IDSBA

Jocelyn Sioson, PhilBAS

Joni Ong Rivera, PhilBAS

Karla Sajona, PhilBAS

Kelly Bassett, BASS

Kim Yeoh, BASS

Krittaya Siriritthchai, THBA

Kurniati Rahmadini, IDSBA

L. Heranisvari, IDSBA

Lady Lorline Pizarro, PhilBAS

Larie Dianco, PhilBAS

Linda Octavia, IDSBA

Mabel Yap, BASS

Maxi V. Ramos, PhilBAS

Mieko Ishikawa, BASS

Narongsak Sukkaewmanee, THBA

Narubate Moungdorm, THBA

Naruemon Montree, THBA

Orawan Sungwornveshapan, THBA

Pacharamon Kerdsuwan, THBA

Papawee Sathawarawong, THBA

Penpaga Trato, THBA

Prima Milawati, IDSBA

Rattikorn Bunprakasit, THBA

Riwis Sadati, IDSBA

Ruangwit Veerapong, THBA

Sandunmali Kulasekara, BASS

Seey Seey Leong , BASS

Sharifah Yasmeen Osman, BASS

Sharmini Markandu, BASS

Shiwan Cheng, BASS

Sirilak Rattanakomate, THBA

Sorawis Arreenich, THBA

Sorravis Aeamjarus, THBA

Sri Winarti, IDSBA

Sri Wulandari Rahayu, IDSBA

Sriwardani, IDSBA

Sunanda Verma Widel, BASS

Tapita Yomnage, THBA

Teo Nam Siang, BASS

Thanh Nhã Phan Thị, BASS

Thutploy Kaewpradub, THBA

Ungkana Siriwansilpi, THBA

Utus Cintaartsri GC, IDSBA

Victor Wong, BASS

Waiwai Hove, BASS

Waree Sawangarom,THBA

Youfeta Devy, IDSBA

Yuliana Susi Susanti, IDSBA

Yusoh Madsem, THBA

About the Venue

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the only tropical garden honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It ranks as one of Asia's top park attractions and was founded in 1859.

The Botanical Art Gallery is housed in a repurposed colonial bungalow which opened its doors in 2021. A permanent display of historical botanical illustrations from the garden’s archives are shown on the upper floor and a rotating exhibition of contemporary botanical artworks are on display in two gallery rooms on the ground floor.

From 15 November 2022 - 15 February 2023, the gallery will showcase the Flora of Southeast Asia Exhibition.

Read more about the Botanical Art Gallery

About the Participating Botanical Art Societies

Botanical Art Society (Singapore)

BASS was incorporated in 2019 as an inclusive society for both botanical art enthusiasts and accomplished artists. It seeks to promote an interest in botanical art among the community. Activities organised to meet this goal include local exhibitions, outdoor sketching sessions, postcard exchanges, workshops with professional artists and sharing sessions on topics related to botanical art.

Indonesian Society of Botanical Artists (IDSBA)

IDBSA was started in 2017 to promote botanical art in Indonesia and to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the native Indonesian flora. It aims to help members improve the quality of their artwork through learning and sharing opportunities with other artists. IDSBA organises exhibitions, painting sessions, challenges and monthly online learning sessions.

Philippine Botanical Art Society (PhilBAS)

PhilBAS was formed in 2019 for Filipino botanical artists and focuses on the native flora of the Philippines. It has organised seven botanical art exhibitions featuring only the endemic and indigenous flora of the Philippines. It has also partnered with different government agencies and organisations to promote awareness and conservation of the rich natural heritage of the Philippines.

Thai Botanical Artists (THBA)

Formed by a small group of Thai botanical artists in 2019, THBA goals include providing both artists and the public opportunities to learn botanical art and illustration, encouraging artists to exhibit their artworks, as well as supporting collaborations between artists, botanists and botanic gardens internationally. Activities include volunteering with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh’s Florilegium project and holding field sketching days and workshops.