Member Gallery

Watercolour painting of N rafflesiana x N viking showing a single green and purple coloured pitcher
Ms Kim YeohN rafflesiana x N viking@ky_water_colours
Watercolour painting of Adenanthera pavonina showing dehiscing fruit and shiny red seeds

Heng Li Ching

Botanical art in watercolour of Cryptanthus bivittatus Pink Starlite showing top view of attractive pink and green leaves
Jace LeeCryptanthus bivittatus Pink Starlite@jace.botanical
Pen & ink illustration of Wrightia laevis showing leaves flower and parts

Loh Xiang Yun

Wrightia laevis@xyxiangyun
Watercolour painting of bouquet showing branches leaves and flowers

Sunanda Widel

Mixed arrangement@sunandabotanicalart
Botanical art in graphite of Hyacinthus orientalis showing a bulb and flowers

Angelina Cheong

Hyacinthus orientalis @angelinac.botanicals
Watercolour painting of Brassanthe Maikai showing full plant with purple flowers

Kelly Bassett

Watercolour painting of Phalaenopsis  showing a single yellow flower and some buds

Chris Tay

Watercolour painting of Etlingera elatior showing stem, leaves, single flower and rhizome

David Toh

Etlingera elatior @davidthh
Watercolour painting of Capsicum annum showing a full fruit and a dissected fruit
Aarati Govinda RaoCapsicum annum@aarati.rao
Watercolour painting of Strongylodon macrobotrys showing a large cluster of blue-green flowers hanging down
Sharifah Yasmeen OsmanStrongylodon macrobotrys@sharifahyasmeen
Watercolour painting of Passiflora edulis showing two red spotted fruits and a dissection of a fruit with seeds
Sharmini MPassiflora edulis@_smarkies_
Botanical art in coloured pencils of Cucumis sativus & Cucurbita showing a cucumber and a squash

Goh Ai Hwa

Cucumis sativus & Cucurbita@goh_aihwa
Watercolour painting of Arundina graminifolia showing branch with leaves and pink & purple flowers

Carrie-Ann Lee

Arundina graminifolia@carrieannlee
Coloured pencil sketch of Selenicereus undatus showing a full dragonfruit
Debbie TeoSelenicereus undatus@debbieteobotanicalart
Watercolour painting of Phytocrene showing the vine with leaves flowers and fruit
Watercolour painting of Hippeastrum Baby Star showing a single white and red flower

Choon Ying Tan

Hippeastrum Baby Star@tcy_art
Watercolour painting of Ficus benjamina showing a branch with leaves and some loose fruits

Sng Bee Bee

Ficus benjaminaFB:Beebee.sng
Watercolour painting of Cocos nucifera showing a cluster of yellow brown coconuts

Pang May Choo

Cocos nucifera
Watercolour painting of Garcinia mangostana showing a full fruit alongside a rind and a cut section depicting the pulp

Olivia Teo

Garcinia mangostana @olivia22_22
Pen & ink illustration of Muntingia calabura showing a branch with leaves, flowers and fruits

Madeleine Vinuya

Muntingia calabura FB:
Mixed media painting of Ficus auriculta showing a branch with leaves and several fruits

Tara Barker Low

Ficus auriculta @tarabarkerlow

Anna Lu

Syzygium samarangense