Postcard Exchange

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Deadline to register:  15 Nov 2023, 6pm SG Time

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*No entry fee

The Botanical Art Postcard Exchange is a way to motivate fellow members to create and share an original painting or sketch in botanical art style. You get to keep the original artwork sent to you by your postcard partner and it is a great and informal way to learn about a technique, composition or medium!

Register your name to participate in this activity now.

We will pair you with a fellow BASS member as your postcard partner after the registration closes.

The postcard must be an original artwork done by you in the medium of your choice, in postcard size art paper  (4in. by 6in.). You must send original artwork via post (not a print or photocopy).

This is an informal, fun activity - so please just have fun with your artwork!!

Mailing deadline: 31 Dec 2023

Colours of Nature Ornaments

Submissions are now open!!

*For Members Only

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We will be decorating the Woodlands Botanical Garden this year for the year end festivities with ornamental cards of botanical artworks made by our members.

Read can find more about the Woodlands Botanical Garden.

Exhibition: From May 2025

Co-organiser: NParks

Venue: Botanical Art Gallery, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Deadline for Entries: 1 November 2024, 2359 Hours (Singapore time)

For members of BASS only!

We are excited to announce that Singapore will be participating in the second Botanical Art Worldwide (BAW) to be held in 2025.

As part of Singapore's entry, a juried exhibition will be co-organized by Botanical Art Society (Singapore) and NParks in May 2025 at the Botanical Art Gallery, Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

We invite you to participate in this international event and have a chance to exhibit your art at the UNESCO World Heritage Site designated Singapore Botanic Gardens

Theme of BAW 2025

The second Botanical Art Worldwide project will focus on and celebrate biodiversity in the crops that have been closely associated with the human species over thousands of years.

The main theme for BAW 2025 is ‘Crop Diversity’

The eligible subjects should fall within one of the three categories listed below:

Find out more about Botanical Art Worldwide on their website:

Check out the Call for Entries to the Singapore Exhibition to learn more about

Past Activities

June, 2021:  Virtual Tour of SBG Botanical Art Museum 

Watercolour painting of Dendrobium hibiki showing full plant with numerous pink flowers
© Sunanda WidelDendrobium hibiki
Botanical illustration in Pen & ink of Finlaysonia obovata showing a vine with leaves, flowers and fruit
© Loh Xiang YunFinlaysonia obovata
Watercolour painting of Citrus hystrix showing a branch with leaves and full fruit alongside a cut section of fruit
© Goh Ai HwaCitrus hystrix 
Watercolour painting of Myristica fragrans showing some branches with leaves and fruits alongside opened fruits
© Carrie-Ann LeeMyristica fragrans