Anna Lu

Anna was born in Singapore and graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1962. Although she trained as a Fine Artist she was always interested in botanical painting. She went on to study at the London English Gardening School in Botanical Painting where she received a Diploma with Merit in 2004.

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Sunanda Widel

We would like to introduce you to one of our founding members (and past Treasurer), Sunanda Widel.

She has loved to draw and paint since childhood, in fact, it is her passion. She did printmaking at university, and before retirement, her profession was as an art educator in International schools. She has called Singapore home for the last 27 years.

Sunanda has been doing botanical art since about 2017. She studied botanical art with the Society of Botanical Artists (London), distance learning course and graduated with a Distinction. Since then, she has continued on a path to learn more about botanical art, as it is a perfect combination of her love of plants with her love of art.

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Wai Wai Hove

Originally from Malaysia, Waiwai has lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, France and is now based in Denmark.

Although she enjoys ceramics, sewing, embroidery, wood carving, cooking and gardening, botanical art is special to her. She says, “as a child I was surrounded by art and nature. When I discovered botanical art as an adult, it felt like it was made for me".

She has been doing botanical art for about 20 years and completed the SBA diploma course in 2013, with a distinction and Certificate of Excellence (and the highest marks to date at that time)!

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Angelina Cheong

Angelina’s journey in Botanical Art began in 2019 when she completed the DISTANCE LEARNING DIPLOMA COURSE conducted by SBA-The Society of Botanical Artists (UK) with Distinction in 2021. She shares her experience as a newly minted Botanical Artist with pleasure.

She has always loved art in all its forms - painting, sculpture, architectural ornamentation, woodcarvings, needlework and photography. Only recently, Angelina delved deeper into her artistic endeavours by teaching herself watercolour painting before she enrolled in the SBA diploma course.

She discovered her love for graphite, ballpoint pen, ink and painting on vellum in the last three years and it has been an eye opening, mind boggling three years of self discovery of the artistic capabilities she never knew existed within her.

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Sharifah Osman

Sharifah, a native Singaporean is a horticulturist by profession. She has been practicing botanical art since 2017.

She is an enthusiastic member of our society and here she talks about her practice along with valuable advice for beginner botanical artists!

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