Watercolour painting of Monstera adansonii showing a single leaf with holes
© Kim YeohMonstera adansonii
Botanical art in Watercolour of Iris showing a branch with one pink flower and buds
© Chris TayIris

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Membership is open to artists, aspiring artists, students, photographers, botanists, horticulturists, gardeners, collectors - anyone who is interested in botanical art and its promotion!

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Membership Fee:  Annual fee of SGD $60 + One time joining fee of SGD $20

Watercolour painting of Passiflora edulia showing a full fruit alonside a cut section of the fruit showing seeds and pulp
© David TohPassiflora edulia
Watercolour painting of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis showing a single leaf
© Angelina Cheong Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Graphite sketch of Pterocarpus indicus showing a single dried fruit
©  Aarati Govinda RaoPterocarpus indicus
Botanical art in Watercolour of Pyrus showing a single fruit
© Li Ching HengPyrus