Singapore Botanic Gardens Herbarium Tour

Date: Saturday 19 November

Time: 2-3pm


Only for overseas artists from BASS, IDSBA, PhilBAS, THBA attending FSEA

Tonal Values & Textures - matt, glossy & translucent

Watercolour Workshop

by Eunike Nugroho

Date: Sunday, 20 November, 2022

Time: 9am - 12pm


-All skill levels

-Open to members of BASS, IDSBA, PhilBAS & THBA only

Understanding tonal value is essential for producing a convincing three-dimensional look in your subject. Not just the forms, but the illusions of different textures can also be achieved by understanding how light and shadow interact.

This Longan fruit workshop will challenge you to paint various textures, from the dull, rough, textured exocarp, to the "juicy" translucent mesocarp (flesh) of the fruit, and the glossy seeds. You will also learn to make the best of masking fluid and how to apply it without ruining your brush or painting.

Success with Painting Leaves

Watercolour Workshop

by Dianne Sutherland

Date: Sunday, 20 November, 2022

Time: 1-6pm


-All skill levels

-Open to members of BASS, IDSBA, PhilBAS & THBA only

Learn to identify the key features and colours in leaves and how to paint them using a primary palette of blues, yellows and reds to create natural colours. A colour swatch card will be created.

Learn how to use lighting to the best effect, and understand the importance of underlying colours, basic hue and shade colours in relation to light.

Watercolour techniques will be demonstrated to show how to build colour to create the correct textures and how to create shine, fine veins and rich colour.

Introduction to Painting on Vellum

by Dianne Sutherland

Date: Monday, 21 November, 2022

Time: 10am - 4pm


-Intermediate/Advanced level with experience in painting botanical watercolours required

-Open to members of BASS, IDSBA, PhilBAS & THBA only

When used correctly, vellum can create a wonderful luminance which sets it apart from paper substrates. Join this workshop to find out about the different types of vellums and their suitability for painting botanical subjects.

You will be taught how to prepare the vellum and the various watercolour techniques used on vellum will be demonstrated. You will work on your own small piece of vellum and at the end of the workshop you will have a painting underway which can be finished at home.

Previous workshops

Watercolour painting of Punica granatum showing top view of a fruit
© Sharmini MPunica granatum
Watercolour painting of  Gliophorus psittacinus showing yellow and green mushroom
© Heng Li Ching Gliophorus psittacinus
Botanical art in watercolour of Strelitzia reginae showing a single flower
© Sharifah Yasmeen OsmanStrelitzia reginae

Watercolour painting of Begonia showing a single leaf with green and pink colouration
© Ms Kim YeohBegonia