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Channel 8 TV feature: 狮城有约 'Hello Singapore'

27 May, 2022

Mediacorp Channel 8 TV did a feature about the Society on their 'Hello Singapore' program.

Our members Ai Hwa Goh and Nam Siang Teo spoke about their inspiration for creating botanical art and how it is a fine balance between art and science.

Society President, Carrie-Ann Lee discussed the history of botanical art and shared about the Society's goal to bring more awareness and recognition to the art and artists from Singapore.

The Straits Times, 15 November 2021

The Straits Times team did an amazing job with this article about the Society! They accompanied a group of members sketching at the Singapore Botanical Gardens and even came to a workshop we were giving to find out all about what we do! Make sure to watch the accompanying video.

©Goh Ai Hwa

Lyssa zampa

Nature Art Lab Online Exhibition, Canberra, Australia

Society Member Ai Hwa Goh will have her watercolour of a Lyssa zampa moth in the Nature Art Lab Annual Exhibition. The exhibition will also be online 2-20 December, 2021.

ASBA Dare to be Square

Society Member Kelly Bassett has a coloured pencil drawing showing in the American Society of Botanical Artists' Dare to be Square non-juried exhibition, in conjunction with their annual conference. To see all the artwork, click on the link below.

©Sunanda Widel

Bulbophyllum bicolor

September 2021: American Society of Botanical Artists and Marin Art & Garden Center, USA

24th Annual International Exhibition

Society Member Sunanda Verma Widel's watercolour painting of the Bulbophyllum Orchid is on display from 19th September - 28th November, 2021 at the Marin Art & Garden Centre for ASBA's 24th Annual International Exhibition. Only 45 artworks from a record number of 260 entries were selected. Artists selected come from the US, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and the UK.

Click on the link below and then select 'The Art' tab on the page to see all entries in the show.

View Exhibition

©Constance ZhaoHibiscus rosa-sinensis

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Certificate in Botanical Illustration

Society Member Constance Zhao completed the RBGE CBI course and was awarded a Distinction!

Her final watercolour painting of the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis shows a branch with leaves, an orange flower and buds along with a dissection of its reproductive elements in graphite.

Photo courtesy of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Article in Gardenwise

Workshop in collaboration with Singapore Botanic Gardens highlighted in Gardenwise magazine

Earlier this year, the Society conducted a watercolour workshop in collaboration with the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Education Branch.

Held at the Gardens, Society Member Debbie Teo guided the participants through the steps of painting a leaf of the Calathea ‘Beauty Star’.

You can read more about this workshop in the article “Framing nature through photography and botanical art”, published in the latest issue of the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ magazine, Gardenwise.

Click button to download a copy of Gardenwise, Vol 57 (August 2021)


Botanical Illustrations by Society Member Waiwai Hove from the Garden of Miss Joaquim Collection

Singapore Botanic Gardens: People’s Gallery - Botany Centre (Tanglin Gate), Nassim Gate Visitor Centre and Botanic Gardens MRT Exit A (Bukit Timah Gate). 17 Aug to 17 Sept, 2021.

The collection showing was a commission by children’s book author, Linda Locke, who is the great-grandniece of Agnes Joaquim. It shows 44 botanical illustrations of fruits, flowers, plants, spices, and vegetables, commonly grown by horticulturists, and submitted to flower shows in the 19th century. These plants are believed to be the likely species that Agnes Joaquim grew and garnered awards for in the annual Flower Shows.

Photo of book cover and few pages of Tropical Plants in Focus: Botanical Illustration at the Singapore Botanic Gardens showing various plants

Book Publication

Tropical Plants in Focus

Botanical Illustration at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Written by Society Member Michele Rodda, this new book outlines the development of botanical illustration in Singapore, and in particular at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It includes illustrations of rare native species, edible and useful plants, and ornamental garden hybrids, each reflecting the changing priorities over the Gardens' history.

Botanical art in watercolours of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis showing a branch with leaves, flowers and bud alongside dissections of flower
©Goh Ai HwaHibiscus rosa-sinensis

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Certificate in Botanical Illustration

Society Member Ai Hwa was recently awarded the RBGE CBI with Distinction! Shown here is her final watercolour project depicting Hibiscus rosa-sinensis - showing the leaves, flower and bud, along with a dissection of its reproductive elements.

June 2021: Plantae Exhibition, Society of Botanical Artists, UK

Two of our member's artworks are showing this year at the SBA's Plantae. This annual exhibition showcases the work of SBA Fellows & Foundation members, along with a selection of work from students on the SBA’s diploma course.
Watercolour painting of Ficus auriculata showing hanging cluster of fruits with dissections of the fruit at the bottom
©Sunanda WidelFicus auriculataCertificate of Botanical Merit Award Exhibiting Excellence Award for most innovative composition
Botanical art in graphite of Durio zibethinus 'Musang King' Durian showing full fruit alongside its dissections
©Angelina CheongDurio zibethinus 'Musang King' DurianStudent portfolio artwork Course 16

June 2021: Margaret Flockton Exhibition, Sydney Australia

Two of our member's artworks were chosen to show at the Margaret Flockton Exhibition. This prestigious yearly show is held by the Foundation and Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and gains submissions from the world's leading scientific botanical illustrators. The exhibition awards excellence in contemporary scientific botanical illustration, as distinct from botanical art.
Visit the exhibition online here: Margaret Flockton Award 2021
Botanical illustration in Pen & ink of Norrisia major  showing branch with leaves and flowers alongside dissections of flower
© Debbie TeoNorrisia major
Pen & ink illustration of Homalium grandiflorum  showing branch with leaves and flowers alongside dissections of flower
© Xiang Yun LohHomalium grandiflorum