Tropical Fruits

An exhibition of tropical fruit artwork by our members

In March of 2021, the Society held an open call for members to create tropical fruit botanical artwork, as the fruits are abundant and accessible in the region (even during the Covid restrictions).

Creating botanical artwork is a labour of love as artists spend a long time researching their subjects before even starting to put pencil, pen or paint to paper. We strive to be as scientifically accurate as possible. It is important to show, for example, how the leaf petiole attaches to the stem, correct venation direction, or exactly how many stamen a flower has. It's all in the detail, and it can take weeks or months for an artwork to be completed.

The 'fruits' of our member's labour can be found in our 2022 Calendar (purchase on our Shop page), as ornaments hanging on one of the Singapore Botanic Gardens Trees of the World Display trees (from end November - tree #123 near Nassim Gate), and here in this online exhibition. Enjoy!

Tropical Fruits Exhibition